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Filosofija ir darbo principai

The resort – rehabilitation center Jaunkemeri locates in Jurmala, in the unique and healing resort conditions, which combine the reserved environmental entirety: the Riga Gulf, the sand golden beach, the pinewood, pure, richly ionized air, sulfurated, bromide and sodium chloride mineral water, therapeutic muds, which create favorable effect on health condition, reducing neurosis. Nowadays the RRC “Jaunkemeri” practice has steadily adopted treatment in pressure chambers under the increased pressure of pure oxygen, the newest methods of physical medicine, physiotherapy, ergotherapy, osteoreflex therapy, balneation, combined with underwater, classic and cascade massage. But the unique healing properties of local sulfurated springs have been known since the 19th century! Their application in the resort medicine has enabled several hundred thousands people to acquire health. Nowadays the RRC “Jaunkemeri” is very popular not only throughout Latvia, but also in many countries of Europe and America. Sick people of all age groups and of different social status from many regions of the world come to us to leave their diseases and pains but to acquire health and joy of life.

Kolkas iela 20, Jūrmalā, LV-2012

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Jaunķemeri, Kolkas, iela, 20, Jūrmalā, LV-2012