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Filosofija ir darbo principai

Under the planning of spatial structures for Latgale region, Līvāni has been ranked among local centres / small towns. However, in comparison to other local centres, Līvāni has a much bigger size of population and a more developed industrial activity that has significance for the entire Preiļi district.

 In case of glass and optical fibres, the local industry has become important on a wider scale too. Therefore, from the point of view of functionality, Līvāni has been ranked among the district centres. Also the location point of view, Līvāni fits into the centre defined within the strategy for town development in Latgale known as the triangle Daugavpils-Rēzekne-Jēkabpils.

Domes ielā 1b, Līvāni, LV-5316

tic @livani.lv

Līvānu, TIC, Domes, ielā, 1b, Līvāni, LV-5316