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Philosophy and working principles

 Daugavpils – the second largest city of Latvia and the centre of East-Latvian region – has given to the world the outstanding painter Mark Rothko, the "King of Tango" Oscar Strok and the actor, stage director, public and political figure Solomon Mikhoels (Vovsi). The symbols of the city are the 19th century fortress and the Church Hill with the churches of four confessions. The historical centre of Daugavpils is a town planning monument of national importance. The central part of the city was developed in the 19th century in accordance with the design documents approved in St. Petersburg in 1826. The historical centre is the most attractive place of the city and one of the most successful examples of reaching a compromise between the old and the new. Daugavpils is one of the few Latvian cities that can boast of a unique ensemble of classical and eclectic buildings. The cultural and historical heritage, including town planning, architectural, artistic, industrial and historical monuments, together with the surrounding landscapes shapes the image of Daugavpils and adds special charm to the city.
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