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Style and ambience

Kurshi HOTEL is a new design hotel with 35 guest rooms, located within 5 minutes’ walking distance from the sandy beach. Close to the hotel, you will find most popular recreation and entertainment objects in Jurmala. Enjoy walk through city Jurmala, you will find unique wooden architecture of 19th and 20th century as well as modern buildings of nowadays.

Kurshi Hotel like gorgeous sailing vessel offers to its' visitor’s harmonic recreation near Baltic see and pine forest. The building shows notes of classicism, art nouveau and national romanticism as well as functional architecture, which you will find only in Jurmala. Enjoy views and elegant recreation!

KURSHI HOTEL offers 35 spacious guest rooms, including two-storey Family rooms and Suites. All guest rooms have bathtub and are equipped with phone, satellite TV, Wi – Fi and air conditioning system. For the youngest hotel guests we offer a kids playground in the inner yard.

Interior and exterior concept combines historical and nowadays story about ancient tribe – kurshi. The name of Kurshi HOTEL is derived from the Couronians – one of the ancient Baltic tribes that inhabited almost all western territory of Latvia thousand years ago, reaching also the present-day city of Jurmala.

The logo of the hotel is based on the ancient Couronians’ symbol of the Sun that is one of the most important symbols of the Baltic tribes. In the ancient scripts of the Couronians the symbol depicts the path of the Sun – the process of continuous change.

We are proud to bear the name – Kurshi. Since ancient times, much has changed – then militancy site now happy to welcome anyone who wants to enjoy our hospitality.

Welcome to the KURSHI Hotel!

Ceriņu iela 22, Jūrmala, LV-2015

info @kurshihotel.lv

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